Monday, October 12, 2009

Enterprise 2.0 
Businesses Don’t Close Deals, People Do.

by Scott Jenkins, Managing Partner

In the global knowledge economy, business has rediscovered that Customers and Employees are social and business is personal. And rightly so; after all, businesses don't close deals, people do. In response to this, companies are acknowledging the role that informal and social interactions play in supporting successful business transactions.

Corporations that encourage, support and reward corporate social behavior within their organization will become tomorrow's new success stories. Why? Because in the new economy, corporations compete by developing intellectual knowledge/capacity and integrating this into their organizational structure and business practices.
Online communities with fully integrated content management, collaboration and social networking software deliver a highly effective solution for companies looking for new and innovative ways to integrate information, exchange knowledge, experience and ideas, and build business relationships across organizational and geographical boundaries.

A Workplace Community empowers your organization to quickly and easily connect your workforce across geographically dispersed project teams, departments and business units to realize significant productivity gains, foster innovation and drive employee engagement. Examples include intranets, project team spaces, departmental dashboards, and expert communities.

Introducing Spaces

Oracle WebCenter Spaces brings business context to individuals and groups, thus creating an effective social networking platform where business problems are easily solved and knowledge is readily shared.

Oracle WebCenter Spaces is a prebuilt application that enables individuals and groups to work and collaborate more effectively. The application is a self-service solution for managing individual and group interactions. Spaces provides intuitive tools that allow non-technical members to come together and share information by adding pages and resources such as documents, charts, reports, business applications, Web 2.0 services, and other resources or views. Spaces includes both Personal Space, which brings business context to the end user with a focus on collaboration and social networking, and Group Space, which brings together groups of users with a common objective: to resolve a business problem or share an area of interest.

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